RemoveQ is an image optimization service designed to reduce image size without sacrificing quality. Key benefits include optimized images, bandwidth savings through our caching system, and reduced website load times.

Getting Started

Sign Up

Users can sign up for RemoveQ via the RemoveQ website.

Domain and Container ID

After signing up, add your domain to our portal to receive a unique container ID. This ID is essential for URL modification.

Integration Guide

URL Modification:

Replace @containerid with the container ID obtained after adding your domain.

Note: RemoveQ does not offer SDKs or libraries; URL modification should be implemented directly in the backend of your website.

API Reference

Endpoint: https://cdn.removeq.com/@containerid

Replace @containerid with your domain-specific container ID. Multiple domains are supported, each with a different container ID.


Best Practices

To achieve optimal results, modify the URLs in the backend rather than using JavaScript on the frontend.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

For assistance with integration or other inquiries, users can request a call for support.

Support and Contact

Email: admin@removeq.com

For direct assistance, users can request a support call.